The United Way of Comal County envisions a united community where all human service needs are met. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in Comal County by generating resources to meet the needs of our community.

United Way of Comal County’s areas of focus include: Youth, Seniors, Emergencies, and Health & Healing

Since 2008, the United Way has awarded over $6,500,000 to support more than 250 programs that include feeding the hungry, providing safety to those in danger, furnishing educational and fitness programs for our youth and elderly, and keeping the lights on for those in crisis. This fund provides an opportunity for donors to establish a legacy by supporting their local United Way.


 United Way of Comal County funds Steps for Life, a non-profit agency that helps clients identify hindrances, that stand between the individual and their success. STEPS not only looks at the immediate needs of the individual or family but also their long term well-being. 

In December of 2017, Anie and her family had experienced a series of tragic events. She found her way to STEPS after visiting with a friend at church. Anie is a real “go getter”, single mother of three who just needed some hope, direction, motivation and encouragement. After divorce, job loss, and her child having a debilitating stroke, Anie said she fell further from independence. 

“Finally, the STEPS finance classes showed me how to eliminate debt and grow savings. In my first year in the STEPS program, I paid off my credit cards, Jeep, and can maintain my vehicle without worry. My dream of owning a home was far off. Feeling a little overconfident, I applied for a home loan on a whim before I graduated from STEPS in November 2018. I just bought a new home in a great neighborhood with better schools and was shocked that I could pay my full down-payment. I had no savings or safety net before STEPS and now I have savings and even a vacation fund. Before STEPS, I couldn’t keep my lights on and now I’m shopping for new light fixtures. My life coach, Jamie Terrazas, walks with Jesus and gave me encouragement from scripture and her experiences through every step. I was in crisis mode with no hope or direction and walked out of my first meeting with a life plan from STEPS.” 

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