Annual Report

United Way Comal County


In 2018 the United Way of Comal County saw a community that continued to be proactive in providing outstanding support in a time of continuous growth, the closure to the 2017-2018 Allocationcycle, and the beginning of the 2018-2019 Allocation cycle.  During the last half of the year, the UWCC funded 30 nonprofits throughoutComal County.

The state of the economy continued to have an impact on both fundraising and requests for funds. Nonetheless, donations from our residents who live within Comal County but commute to SanAntonio for employment grew as did support from various national accounts and individual donors. The 2017 campaign raised$976,626 not reaching the

$1M goal. The Board agreed to set the 2018 campaign goal again at $1M and implemented new marketing strategies that included contract marketing assistance.


In 2004, United Way Worldwide adopted Standards of Excellence to provide concrete guidance and direction for how a local United Way should operate to be a more effective community impact leader. The 34 standards were intended to be aspirational and to answer the question, “What does excellence look like?” In 2005, a self-assessment based on the Standards of Excellence was launched and continues to be a useful tool in measuring public awareness.

A survey of these Standards, taken in 2015 by UWCC Board Members, staff, and volunteers, shows that UWCC continues to develop a shared community vision and supports efforts to affect positive change within Comal County.

In 2012 UWW launched the Business Performance Matrix which organizes United Ways based on their community profile – factors like corporate presence, population size, and staff size – as well as performance executing on the United Way business model. This new Matrix changes UWCC from the old “Metro 6” measure label to “3A” which gives our United Way an opportunity to identify specific areas for continued improvement in:

  • Program Impact on the Communityche

  • Relations with Supporters (donors, advocates, and volunteers)

  • Revenue

  • Public Trust

Membership requirements with UWW include having a volunteer board of directors who approve the annual operating budget and distributions to the agencies, the accounting requirements of annual audits and filing our IRS Form 990 each year, a written Code of Ethics, and standard campaign reporting to United Way of America. Our audit for the year ended December 31, 2015, is being completed by Jim Robertson, an independent Certified Public Accountant and will be made available in our office for anyone to review.

We are proud to be meeting all Standards set forth by United Way Worldwide. As nonprofits come under additional review from Congress and the public, these standards are considered a model for nonprofit accountability. We proudly display our Recognition plaque and Membership in our office.

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