Impact lives

You can make a personal impact on the lives of those in your community by making a monetary donation or volunteering through UWCC. The aid you give stays right here in Comal County, making sure your good works benefit those closest to you. Please designate #825 when pledging to keep Comal helping Comal.

Donations raised during the first three quarters of our 2016-2017 giving cycle have helped to serve nearly 73,000 individuals through 41 agency programs in our area. Data for the fourth quarter will be available later this summer.

Your donations helped Ashleigh dive deep into Communities In Schools.

“No matter how you look at it, Communities In Schools works. I believe that what most see with Communities In Schools is just a tip of an iceberg. No matter how much research you do, you may never understand the huge impact CIS is truly making. You might hear a story about how CIS has changed someone’s life, but there are thousands more that never get heard. People can tell you all day long how amazing and wonderful and important CIS is and how much they love it, but you’ll never truly understand the big picture from the outside. You have to dive into the water and get involved to see the greatness of the submerged iceberg. You’ll start to see for yourself the sweeping impact that is difficult to quantify in words. It is difficult to accurately describe the impact that CIS is making on the lives of people in our community. Once you dive deeper and get involved and see what’s below the surface, I promise, you’ll be glad that you did.”

Ashleigh is an amazing young lady who is a Communities In Schools Alumna working on her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Texas State University. We are very proud of her!